Who Am I?

We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced. — Malala Yousafzai

Hey, I am Princy rechristened Harneet after my wedding, married for almost a decade to a very ambitious and affectionate husband and mother to 2 gorgeous children. SAHM by choice, adventurous, communicative, exuberant, friendly and gregarious.


Sublime Messages is my journey put down in words. As I grow as an individual, I learn so much every day. It’s not easy to survive away from family when you stay in a nuclear setup, but i try to overcome this drawback. 

Through my 1st pregnancy and my first-born, I was lost – almost clueless and had no idea what I was doing. The family did help, but day in and out, it just became impossible
contact them for every little doubt of mine. So, I turned to what seemed logical – the Google guru. I started reading blogs, articles – every possible readable thing out there to get as much information as I could.

… and here i am now, a mother of two, ready to share what I know. This is my struggle penned down, my failures and victories as a mother and as a woman, the way i fought away negativity and still do. I firmly believe that positivity and my faith in my almighty have changed and will change my circumstances. I look forward to each day with renewed strength and hope. 

Welcome to my blog, hope to see you regularly here and hoping that we stay connected 🙂